The Leading Open Source Test Case Management System!

Kiwi TCMS is the leading open source test case management system! Kiwi TCMS has a lot of great features, such as Bugzilla, JIRA and GitHub integration, fast test plan and test runs search, powerful access control and external API.


  • Docker image via docker-compose
  • Unlimited instances!
  • Unlimited users!
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Manual testing

  • Define test plans & test cases
  • Collect execution results
  • See who's doing what
  • Monitor testing progress
  • Reports and analytics

Automated testing

  • Integrate with the rest of your CI & QA stack
  • Centralized test cases repository
  • Archive automated test results
  • Detailed metrics per product, build, etc.
  • Structured information for data mining

Top reasons to use Mr. Senko

Faster response cycle

On average it takes around 20 to 30 days for a single pull request to be accepted on GitHub! Mr. Senko is working directly with upstream but when needed we fork & ship immediately!

Regular releases

Open source package authors release new versions when they see fit. Sometimes this takes several months. Mr. Senko provides bi-weekly package releases for all supported components.

Long Term Commitment

Typically open source projects reach end-of-life when the original author gives up. Mr. Senko is working directly with the upstream to help with engineering and community development.

Private infrastructure

Subscriptions map to private releases via Docker Hub. These are produced and tested by Mr. Senko!

How does it work ?

  1. Report an issue with Kiwi TCMS;
  2. Mr. Senko will reproduce, prioritize, test and fix the problem;
  3. Mr. Senko will push the changes to GitHub and release a new version for you;
  4. You download and upgrade from a private Docker Hub repository!

One subscription == one priority vote?

Every Monday morning Mr. Senko decides what bugs and feature requests will be included in the next release. This is based on their severity and demand from customers. If you want an issue to be fixed faster we ask you to increase the number of your subscriptions!

Subscriptions & pricing

Kiwi TCMS Private Tenant

  • Unlimited users. Ideal for small teams.
  • Full control who can access your data
  • Hosted under *
  • PostgreSQL schema isolation
  • 9-5 UTC/Mon-Fri email support
  • +1 devel priority
  • SSL enabled
32 $/mo

Professional services

  • Custom engineering
  • Hands-on, training and/or consultancy
  • On-site services billed at 1000$/day
100 $/hr (ask)


We're using Kiwi TCMS to organize all of our testing by creating test plans for each new feature and recording the results every day. Kiwi TCMS is used by our QA team to document test scenarios and provide peer review to other test engineers.

Maxim Krizhanovsky, VP Engineering,

If you're a test and QA engineer, Kiwi TCMS is a gem open source TCMS for your team. IEEE 829 compatible, free and open source, great folks behind the project.

Marko Kažić, CEO, Zamphyr

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