Hello everyone, during August I've been focusing on django-chartit which is a supported package of our Python software stack.

Since I've taken over maintenance from Praveen Gollakota there were several bug-fix releases, 3 of them in August. The result is 6 closed issues and increased test coverage. I've spent time to refactor parts of the code and make it compatible with the latest Django version. Also cleaned up code smells identified by Landscape.io.

Future plans for django-chartit include working on the remaining open issues. I think I will have to refactor the code a lot more to make it compatible with the latest Highcharts.js API before being able to implement the requested features.

I have also spoken with Highcharts engineering on the topic of testing their JavaScript charting code in the context of django-chartit. My idea is to load the demo project using various versions of the JavaScript library and make sure everything works on the client side. This appears to be doable with Selenium.

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