Hello everyone, during September I've been focusing on Cosmic Ray which is a supported package of our Python software stack.

The changes include better error checking when running the test suite in Travis CI, fixes for some code smells and style updates, some Python 3.3 compatibility fixes, traceback fix for Python 3.4, new and-or replacement operators and internal refactoring.

During my work on and-or replacement operators it turned out that Cosmic Ray didn't support the notion of one operator producing multiple code mutations. This required refactoring of project internals and is now currently supported. As a follow up there are a couple more issues opened to clean up the existing code, mainly the comparisons replacement operators.

NOTE Cosmic Ray is still not compatible with Python 3.3 and will probably never be, despite my work. In cosmic_ray/importing.py we make use of importlib.machinery.ModuleSpec which was introduced in 3.4 and at this moment we don't want to backport and support this for Python 3.3. The rest of the code is 3.3 compatible though.

During September I have also worked on django-chartit v0.2.7 to fix a nasty recursion loop bug. The follow up of this bug is pylint #1109, which is now merged into master!

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