Hello everyone, during December I've been working on several different projects from our supported Python software stack and also ventured into Ruby land.

Versions 0.2.3 and 0.2.4 of pelican-ab

pelican-ab is an A/B testing plugin for Pelican, the static site generator for Python. It allows you to encode experiments in your templates and renders the experiment selected by the AB_EXPERIMENT environment variable.

There were two versions released in December 2016 making it compatible with the newly released Pelican 3.7.0, adding more tests and fixing some minor bugs.

Version 0.2.8 of django-chartit

I have worked on a new version for django-chartit which adds support for model properties and raw SQL queries in charts. I've also done internal work for further refactoring but without anything concrete yet!

New extensions for pylint

I've worked on the new compare-to-empty-string extension for pylint. Using this extension the following snippet

if S != "":

if S == '':

will be flagged as problematic because it can be written in a more natural way:

if S:

if not S:

The extension will be disabled by default because empty string may be a valid value depending on the behavior of your program. I have also created a similar extension to flag integer comparisons against zero, see pylint#1243. While these may seem a bit extreme they are very useful to identify code which can be refactored to reduce comparisons when coupled with mutation testing!

New Rspec formatters

I've worked on two new formatters for Rspec:

Both add simple syntactic sugar to how Rspec output can be formatted and make it easier for debugging or sending off for further machine processing.

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