pelican-octopress-theme and Pelipress are popular themes for Pelican but are not actively developed at the moment. Mr. Senko decided to fork and continue their active development. The new repository is at MrSenko/pelican-octopress-theme.

Why did we fork

Initially we've tried sending pull requests to the upstream repository but later noticed multiple issues and pull requests which were left open for more than a year, nearly 2 years in the worst cases. Pelipress on the other hand has not been rebased back to pelican-octopress-theme for almost 3 years!

We've emailed the original authors of both projects but didn't get a reply to our inquiries in a few weeks so decided to fork and continue forward.


The following features have been merged from pelican-octopress-theme by resolving all conflicts which were present:

The following features have been inspired by Pelipress and cleanly re-implemented on top of the current fork:


At Mr. Senko we will do our best to accommodate every need and merge patches and feature requests as they come in. Should you need commercial support for this or other open source libraries please subscribe to Mr. Senko's support service!

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