Once you have subscribed to Mr. Senko you will receive a repository URL from which to install package versions supported by Mr. Senko. The URL is of the form https://d1v12p11qcbqzw.cloudfront.net/YOUR-CUSTOMER-ID

You must keep this URL secret! You can install supported packaged by either command line:

pip install kiwitestpad --extra-index-url https://d1v12p11qcbqzw.cloudfront.net/YOUR-CUSTOMER-ID

or inside of your project by adding the following statement to requirements.txt:

--extra-index-url https://d1v12p11qcbqzw.cloudfront.net/YOUR-CUSTOMER-ID

You can also configure your ~/.pip/pip.conf file to look like this

; Extra index from Mr. Senko
extra-index-url = https://d1v12p11qcbqzw.cloudfront.net/YOUR-CUSTOMER-ID

Another possibility is to configure the private repository URL directly into setup.py:


And you're ready to seamlessly pip install private packages from Mr. Senko.

What is Mr. Senko?

Mr. Senko provides long term support for various open source libraries. We do bug fixes and feature development, improve testing and write documentation so you don't have to! Subscribe to Mr. Senko if you need faster response cycle for the open source components which you use.

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