The Leading Open Source Test Case Management System!

Kiwi TCMS is the leading open source test plan, test run and test case management system! It was initially created to replace Testopia, a test case management extension for Bugzilla. Kiwi TCMS has a lot of great features, such as Bugzilla, JIRA and GitHub integration, fast test plan and test runs search, powerful access control and external API.


  • Self-hosted Docker compose - recommended
  • pip install from a private repository
  • Unlimited instances!
  • Unlimited users!
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Manual testing

  • Define test plans & test cases
  • Collect execution results
  • See who's doing what
  • Monitor testing progress
  • Reports and analytics

Automated testing

  • Integrate with the rest of your CI & QA stack
  • Centralized test cases repository
  • Archive automated test results
  • Detailed metrics per product, build, etc.
  • Structured information for data mining

Top reasons to use Mr. Senko

Faster response cycle

On average it takes around 20 to 30 days for a single pull request to be accepted on GitHub! Mr. Senko is working on forked repositories and we're able to deliver patches and bug fixes faster.

Regular releases

Open source package authors release new versions when they see fit. Sometimes this takes several months. Mr. Senko provides weekly and bi-weekly package releases for all supported libraries.

Long Term Support

Typically older versions of libraries reach end-of-life when the latest one is released. Mr. Senko takes over maintenance and continues to provide backports, bug fixes and security patches.

Private repositories

Subscriptions map to private URLs which can be used with pip or docker. Everything is reliably served from our CDN without downtime or missing older versions.

How does it work ?

  1. Report a problem to Mr. Senko;
  2. Mr. Senko will prioritize, reproduce, test and fix the problem;
  3. Mr. Senko will push the changes to GitHub and release a new version for you;
  4. You download and upgrade from a private repository!

One subscription == one priority vote?

Every Monday morning Mr. Senko decides what bugs and feature requests will be included in the next release. This is based on their severity and demand from customers. If you want an issue to be fixed faster we ask you to increase the number of your subscriptions! Mr. Senko considers it a good practice to have one subscription per installation!

Our offer

Upstream Subscription Plan

  • Upstream decides when to release
  • Upstream decides when to deprecate
  • You install from public repositories
  • All fixes from Mr. Senko are pushed as PRs
  • Mr. Senko develops new features
  • Mr. Senko contributes to upstream testing
  • Mr. Senko improves documentation
  • 1 subscription covers all software stacks
  • 1 subscription == 1 priority vote
Subscribe for 100 $/mo

Start-up Subscription Plan

  • Everything from previous plans plus:
  • 9-5, Mon-Fri coverage
  • Mr. Senko releases every 2 weeks
  • You install from a private repository URL
  • Private repo can be used in multiple projects
  • 2 years support for every -minor- version
  • -Release- versions are merged with our patches
  • Backports between -major- versions are available on request
  • Mr. Senko performs additional testing
  • Technical release notes for every update
  • 1 subscription == 2 priority votes
Subscribe for 200 $/mo

Enterprise Subscription Plan

  • Everything from previous plans plus:
  • 24x7 coverage for security and urgent issues
  • Mr. Senko releases every week
  • Async security and urgent hotfix releases
  • 5 years support for every -minor- version
  • Options for technical training & webinars
  • Additional packaging as Software Collections
  • Extensive 3rd party dependencies testing
  • 1 subscription == 3 priority votes
Subscribe for 300 $/mo
If you are an individual developer who wants only certain bugs fixed please get in touch with us! We're exploring the possibilities of supporting freelancers and individuals on a fundraising basis!


We're using Kiwi TCMS to organize all of our testing by creating test plans for each new feature and recording the results every day. Kiwi TCMS is used by our QA team to document test scenarios and provide peer review to other test engineers.

Maxim Krizhanovsky, VP Engineering,

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open source veterans you can count on

Alexander Todorov

Quality Assurance Guru/p>

Alex has been testing open source software for the past 10+ years and is responsible for finding more than 1600 bugs! He was the installation test lead for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5!

Krasimir Tsonev

Front-end developer

Krasimir is a front-end developer, blogger and speaker who loves writing JavaScript. He is also the author of the books Node.js Blueprints and Node.js By Example.

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