pelican-ab is an A/B testing plugin for Pelican, the static site generator. It allows you to encode experiments in your templates and renders the experiment selected by the AB_EXPERIMENT environment variable.

Today we are releasing version 0.2.3 as an urgent bug fix update handling internal changes in the latest version of Pelican. In previous versions Pelican used the JINJA_EXTENSIONS setting to configure additional Jinja2 modules. In version 3.7.0, released yesterday, JINJA_EXTENSIONS has been replaced with the JINJA_ENVIRONMENT setting. Version 0.2.3 of pelican-ab handles both cases and is able to work with older and newer versions of Pelican!

This backward-incompatible change in Pelican has been automatically detected by our monitoring tool Strazar, which proves the value of automatic testing against the latest versions of upstream dependencies!


At Mr. Senko we will do our best to accommodate every need and merge patches and feature requests as they come in. Should you need commercial support for this or other open source libraries please subscribe to Mr. Senko's support service!

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