Version: kiwitestpad-3.28 Released on: 2017-07-11 Severity: Medium URL:


KiwiTestPad is an open source test plan, test run and test case management system. It has a lot of great features, such as Bugzilla and JIRA integration, fast test plan and runs search, powerful access control for each plan, run and case, and XML-RPC APIs.

This release removes all remaining instances of the deprecated request.REQUEST object, adds more tests and fixes several bugs.

Changes since KiwiTestPad 3.26

How to upgrade

Subscribe to Mr. Senko and configure your private PyPI repositories before upgrading!

pip install --upgrade kiwitestpad

If you are using KiwiTestPad as a Docker container then

docker-compose stop
docker rm kiwi_web kiwi_db
docker-compose up -d
docker exec -it kiwi_web /Kiwi/ migrate

NOTE you will need the appropriate version of docker-compose.yml and the mrsenko/kiwi Docker image for the above commands to work!

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