How to write pylint plugins

Pylint is the most popular static source code analyzer for Python. It has a plugable architecture and allows developers to create their own checks. This is very useful for projects where you would like to enforce specific rules and coding style. For example that all of your API classes follow the same naming convention or that all of your source files contain a copyright notice!

Mr. Senko provides instructor led workshops which teach you all the necessary skills for creating plugins.

Target audience

Medium level or experienced developers who work with Python (and/or Django) and/or QA engineers who work with the project source code directly! In order to get the maximum of this workshop you need to have moderate skills in programming with Python and be comfortable working with classes and objects!

Workshop: AST based plugins

Duration: 3hrs

Group: max 10 people

Pricing: 150 EUR/person

Description: Abstract syntax tree based plugins are the most popular type of plugins in pylint. They are used over 90% of the time. This workshop will teach you:


Full day pylint workshop

Duration: 7hrs

Group: max 10 people

Pricing: 500 EUR/person

Description: This workshop covers pylint in more details with more practical examples and explanation. Topic include:


Technical requirements

Try to identify code patterns which are not detected by standard pylint checks so that you can write a plugin for them. Practice patters will be provided by instructor.


Alexander Todorov – a Senior QA engineer with more than 10 years of experience in test automation and development with Python. Alex is also the current maintainer of pylint-django, contributor to pylint and project lead of Kiwi TCMS.


For more dates and in-house corporate training please get in touch with us!

Support pylint development

If you use pylint commercially we strongly encourage you to invest in its continued development by signing up for a paid plan (use our existing subscription plans). We believe that collaboratively funded software can offer outstanding returns on investment, by encouraging our users to collectively share the cost of development.

Signing up for a paid plan will: